Snapshots From Peru

The House of Nod team has just returned from an adventure in South America and we have a lot of great content to share with you. After spending a week in Mexico with our great friend and fellow filmmaker Rodrigo, Nod Producer Bennett Elliott and I flew down to Peru to visit our friend Joe who was living in Lima. We explored the city and met some great people before traveling to the Andes mountains and seeing the vibrant cities of Cuzco, Ollantaytambo, Aguas Calientes and climbing Machu Picchu. 

I am truly excited to put together a video piece for this journey (which will be featured with our other travel video's on the places page of the House of Nod website), but for now, I leave you with a few stills that I snapped while abroad.

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Stay tuned for more scenes from Peru! To keep up with House of Nod's series of world wandering adventures and all of our other cinematic doings, please tune in to our twitter


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