Return to the Middle East

The House of Nod team is back in Israel! Our wonderful new client loved our ONE DAY / ISRAEL short so much that they flew us back here to shoot their project. 

Kotel Night.jpg

It is only the night of our 3rd day in Jerusalem, and we have already met so many talented new friends. Each one of them has their own amazing story and incredible connection to this beautiful country that they call home.


As with our last trip, we are consistently stunned by the unique visual character of this country. Our cameras and eyes are constantly drawn to the unavoidable historical beauty and the incredible minutia found on every street and down each stone-walled alleyway.

Old City Ally.jpg

We have taken to our temporary home quickly, bringing small elements of our New York City life, friends, and mentality along with us.


Our journey is only just beginning, and there is still so much to see. Expect to be updated!

Love as always,

Your ever-travelling, ever-adventuring, cinephile friends  

House of Nod